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Rooke Vascular Boot

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The Rooke Vascular Boot provides complete offloading of the heel while naturally warming the limb. This healing boot is built to provide total heel offloading and redistribution of pressure along the calf to help treat and prevent lower-extremity skin breakdown. The synthetic lambswool is unique in the fact that it naturally warms the limb which studies indicate leads to an increase in circulation. Each Rooke Boot includes our unique Foot-Drop Protection Wings that keep the foot in a neutral upright position and a universal anti-rotation wedge that prevents external and internal rotation.


Clinical Study  Highlights

  • Wearing a Rooke Vascular Boot demonstrated a 5.3 mm/Hg increase in TcpO2. Rooke Thom, et al., Mayo Clinic, Angiology Vol. 381 No. 51 406, 1987
  • Rooke Boots demonstrated a 40% + increase in regional foot perfusion using ICGA on pts with compromised arterial inflow. The Rooke BKA Protector & Rooke Mitt also showed similar results. Charles A. Anderson, MD, FACS, FAPWCA, et al., Wounds Vol. 30, no. 20, 2018
  • Out of 50 pts/100 limbs in the ICU, there was a 0% incidence of heel/toe ulcers for pts that wore Rooke Boots. Riddle Memorial Hospital, Main Line Health - M. DeSales Foster, MSN, CWOCN, CRNP
  • Diabetic pts with chronic, non-healing neuropathic ulcers showed a 50% + increase in blood flow measured by duplex (flow ml/min) at the popiteal artery by wearing Rooke Boots. Elon University White Poper- Daryl Lawson, PT, MPT, DSc, Associate Professor, Deportment of Physical Therapy, Elon University, September 2015